Blueberry Cruffin Canantique

Backpack Boyz Blueberry Cruffin Canantique 3.5g Mylar Bags

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Backpack Boyz Blueberry Cruffin Canantique 3.5g

Mylar bags allow your food investment to be stored in the best possible condition. They are are the perfect bags to store products while maximizing product freshness. Mylar bags are heat sealed, reusable ziplock bags designed to create a firm barrier between your product and the environment outside. It's as simple as inserting your goodies in the bag and sealing. Most commonly, mylar bags are used for long-term storage of dried, dehydrated foods and also herbs. By eliminating residual oxygen, it makes it the perfect bag to keep your long term food preserves freshly stored. Therefore, the long-term effects of heat, light, moisture, and oxygen are reduced dramatically or eliminated. 


Heat sealable as well as smell proof.


3.5g Heat Sealable Mylar Bag


Can be resealed for freshness.